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A Ceramic Coating is a hand applied liquid that is meant for the exterior of a vehicle. The coating bonds with the car's existing paint, and then it creates a layer of protection to the exterior of the vehicle. It adds a semi-permanent layer of protection. Instead of dirt and contaminants getting stuck inside of the pores of the paint, they will lay on top of the coating or fall off. If they lay on top, they are easily removed! It does not wash away and sometimes you can go a few years without having to get another coat applied. A ceramic coating is rated a 9H hardness.


Basically, a Ceramic Coating provides a layer of protection to your vehicle's exterior paint. It also aids in keeping your vehicle looking new. It makes your car easier to clean as well.


UV Protection (Protection from the sun)

Ceramic Coatings prevent the vehicles paint from fading away. It protects the paint from the sun's rays.

Extra Gloss

Ceramic Coatings also aid in shining your car and making it glossier. The wet glossy look you get from the coating is a special sight! The sun will reflect off of your car and make it shine.

Cleaning is 2x Easier

One main benefit of getting a Ceramic Coating applied on your car is the way it repels water. Whether you're washing you car off or driving in the rain, the Ceramic Coating will repel the water and it will bead off of your car like magic.

Adds Some Value to Your Vehicle


While there are many benefits to applying a Ceramic Coating to your vehicle, there are also a couple disadvantages too. A Ceramic Coating (unfortunately) does not solve every problem.


It Doesn't Completely Eliminate Water Spotting

When it rains, there are minerals and dirt in every single rain drop. When those rain drops hit your car, so does the dirt and minerals. When the rain dries, it leaves behind the minerals. This creates water spots that are extremely annoying. Water that comes out of your own home is even more prone to water spotting. The chemicals and minerals in that water may be worse, which is why making sure your vehicle is completely dry after a wash is so important. A Ceramic Coating will help prevent this a little bit, but only to a certain extent.

It Doesn't Get Rid of the Danger of Possible Scratches, Pain Swirls, or Paint Chips

While a Ceramic Coating does help to eliminate some minor scratches possible in everyday life, it doesn't prevent them all.

It Doesn't Mean You Do Not Need to Wash Your Car

Even though some people think that you don't need to wash your car when you have a Ceramic Coating applied to your vehicle, that is not that case. Your car will still need washed on a regular basis (check out our Ceramic Coating Maintenance in the "MAINTENANCE PLANS" tab if you recently got a ceramic coating applied). No matter where you are, driving your car will get it dirty eventually. The road is not a very sparkly clean place. The contamination out there can and will harm the properties and longevity of your coating.

It is a Long and Potentially Pricey Process

A lot of time and effort goes into the preparation for a ceramic coating to be applied. The coating itself is the last step in the process and is often times one of the easier steps! Proper preparation is EVERYTHING. Ensuring the surface is clean, smooth, and free of contaminants is extremely important. This is how the coating will properly bond to the paint to make that water bead and keep your vehicle protected for years.

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